Thursday, November 15, 2012

Online Payday Loan Service - Get The Best Deal

If you need to get a fast cash loan, you may want to look at using an online payday loan service. There are thousands of lenders out there who are clamoring for your business, and it can be a daunting exercise to find one that will not rip you off by charging exorbitant fees.

A borrower fills out the short application form on the online payday loan service website. They forward your application to hundreds of lenders who are on their network, and then filter through the offers to find you the best deal. The borrower receives the offer by email detailing the loan transaction, which is the amount of the loan offered plus costs and the repayment terms.

There is no obligation to the borrower to accept any of the quotes received. They are given as part of the free service. Only if a borrower is 100% happy with the quote will they be asked to e-sign a loan agreement, at which time the lender will wire the funds to the borrower's bank account.

In some cases there may be a delay of up to 48 hours before the money can be accessed by the borrower. This varies from bank to bank and has nothing to do with the lender. The lender will always endeavor to transfer the money on the day the loan agreement is e-signed.

An online payday loan service can save you a lot of hassles when applying for a loan online. They know which lenders are the best and most honorable in the industry. Borrowers are encouraged to only take one loan at a time and to ensure that their loan is fully repaid on the stipulated due date.

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